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Analyze My Location

Once upon a time, the most important influence in selecting a site for businesses, retail centers and new developments was described in one simple phrase: location, location, location. While location is still an essential consideration, increasing competition and a disjointed consumer marketplace have necessitated a change in site selection techniques. In a competitive environment, a simplistic adage is no longer sufficient. Every site selection decision should be made based on a unique set of criteria related to the users’ needs including proximity to clients, building or lot size, population density, spending levels and a host of other factors while also attempting to minimize acquisition costs. This report is the first step. It can help you more fully understand your location, identify your customers proximity, and improve your business.

Here’s What Is Provided

  1. Site Specific Analysis–in other words, all information will be based on your location.
  2. Demographic Profile–how many customers are within five minutes, ten minutes, and fifteen minutes?
  3. Income Profile–population is important, but only if customers have money to pay right?
  4. Market Potential–population and money–what about an interest in your product or service?
  5. Sample Market Reportdemographic only–market potential is tailored to each business type.

How Much?

It’s free.

How Do I Get The Analysis?

If your interested in learning more about your site–just fill out the form below (please make sure the address you enter is the site of interest) and hit submit. A report will be emailed to you within three days.