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Key Considerations for Selecting a Business Site

In theory, selecting a site for your business is a simple proposition. It’s just a […]

The Problem With Shapes

My youngest son, Emmett, is just a little over a year old. For a few […]

Of Substance and Style

It’s said that you’re focused on fun in your twenties, money in your thirties and […]

Three Relatively Random Thoughts

There is an incorrect link in the email this morning. Please click HERE for Of […]

An Awkward Conversation About Trader Joe’s

You’re out to dinner with friends when the conversation turns to politics, football, economics, or […]

2015 Commercial Real Estate Preview and a Confession

One year ago, I wrote this same article (with a better opening) suggesting we would […]

I’m Not as Good at Baseball as I Thought–What About You?

A few years ago I played in a softball league. It was my first time […]

The Painful Beauty of Creative Destruction

A few weeks ago I was cleaning out some files and came across a two-year-old […]

The Benefit of Acting Like a Two Year Old

I recently read that the brains of small children perform at a genius like level. […]

Why Olive Garden [or your favorite brand] Isn’t in Harrisonburg

There are plenty of reasons to love the Harrisonburg metro area. The City is the […]